Case Study is a car repair website. It offers car repair and services at the doorstep. The website had won the TechCrunch disrupt award (this award is for the startups) but was still struggling for the rankings and the organic traffic.
Yourmechanic intended to rank amongst the top websites for the keyword “CAR REPAIR IN SAN FRANCISCO”. Also, the company wanted to extend its base from 7 cities to 30 in the next 3 months and to 100 cities in a year.
The website got inundated with the users who visited searching for the solution, this, in turn, generated business for the website. Our success was not limited to traffic but we also gained numerous backlinks. We helped climb from a few visitors to a few thousand visitors and over the next three years, it was 4.30 million different visitors per month.

The Approach

It all began with research on the customers and their queries. We analyzed that people often search with problems they face and try to look for solutions that are usually found on car repair forums.
At the forums, the solutions are mostly by other users and are less likely to be from a professional. Identifying the void we kick-started with the content campaign and exhaustively covered all dimensions of problems that a car user may encounter.
The questions were then answered in-depth, of course with a professional consultation. The whole content was then published on the website yourmechanic. com.

Results with Chlorophyll

In a highly competitive Auto niche market, we were able to boost the traffic by more than 7 times for a range of local keywords targeting and neighborhoods across US.


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