1,000 to 120K Organic Traffic in 10 Months, a hotel booking, and reservation platform, based in Australia.

We helped them grow to 120,000 Organic Searches a month and generate over $134,000 in booking revenue, starting from a thousand visitors, and helped rank in #3 positions for some of the highly competitive niche keywords.
Key Info
When they came to us, they had 1000 monthly visitors on their website.

In a very highly competitive niche, they needed a direction with SEO to attract traffic and generate revenue.

  • 1000 Monthly Visitors: We started the campaign with a little over 100 visitors on the website.
  • 120K Organic Search Growth: By the end of the campaign, we helped them generate more than 120,000 unique Organic Visitors a Month
  • 134K+ Revenue: We helped them generate over $134,000 in hotel bookings from organic searches.
  • 10 Months Duration: We started the campaign in Feb 2016
  • 200K+ words of SEO Content: We created over 200,000 words of high-quality SEO-rich content.
  • Top Rankings on Primary Keywords: We helped them get top positions for many keywords with high search volumes.
  • How We Did This

  • We started by auditing their website for any On-page and technical issues and analyzing what their competitors were doing to rank in top positions.
  • Helped them research long-tail keywords that were often searched by the users, and targeted more than 200,000 different keywords
  • Optimized the existing web pages and content pages.
  • Continuously tracked and optimized their Money Pages for top rankings
  • Produced over 20,000 words of high-quality SEO content each month for web pages, articles, and blogs.
  • Continuously tracked and optimized their search engine rankings
  • Results with Idea Catalyst

    Within a highly competitive AUS based market of Hotels, we were able to generate the organic traffic to more than 120K starting from the 1,000 monthly visitors and generate over 134K in revenue, within a period of 10 months


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