104% Increase in Organic Traffic in 10 Months

Four Quadrant, based in California, is a marketing consultancy agency, that helps organizations create an effective marketing strategy for promoting their brands.

We helped them increase their organic reach by creating a content-based sales funnel and marketing their blogs and targeting top positions in organic searches.
Key Info
When they came to us, they were getting over 48K visitors a month from organic search, and since it’s one of the highly competitive niches, they were having a hard time finding a breakthrough for their blog and their organic reach.

  • 48K Monthly Visitors: At the time of initiating the campaign, the blog was getting more than 48,000 visitors from organic search.
  • 100K Organic Search Traffic: By the end of the campaign, they’re generating 100,000 monthly visitors from organic search.
  • 10 Months Duration: We initiated the campaign in May 2016
  • 200K+ words of SEO Content: We helped them create more than 200,000 words of high-quality SEO-rich content for their blog and content marketing.
  • Top Rankings for Money Pages: We helped them secure top positions for their money pages and related keywords.
  • How We Did This

  • We started the campaign by auditing their web pages and existing blogs.
  • With in-depth keyword research, we helped them discover topics that were often missed by their competitors.
  • Analyzed their competition and defined a competitive SEO strategy to produce user-centric content to outrank them.
  • Optimized their existing content
  • Continuously tracked and optimized their Money Pages for improved rankings
  • Produced over 20,000 words of high-quality SEO content each month
  • Continuously tracked their search engine rankings, to the point where no underperforming page remained.
  • Results with Idea Catalyst

    Within a highly competitive international market of Marketing Consultancy, we were able to generate the organic traffic by 104% starting from the 48,000 monthly visitors, within a period of less than 10 months


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