1300% Increase in Organic Traffic in 08 Months

Fixithere, based in the UK, was one of the pioneers of guides and educational content on Tech, Travel, Health, Home, Money, Career, and Customer Service.

We helped them increase the organic reach of their how-to guides and DIY content by 1300 times, aiding in their goal to become #1 in the industry.
Key Info
When they came to us, they were getting 1000 visitors a month from organic search, and since it’s a highly competitive niche, they were having a hard time breaking past their competitors and increasing their organic reach.

  • 1000 Monthly Visitors: We started the SEO campaign with 1000 visitors a month to the website
  • Over 130K Visitors/Month: Over the span of 08 months, we helped them increase their organic traffic to 130,000 visitors a month.
  • 08 Months Duration: We started the campaign in Jan 2015
  • 96K+ words of SEO Content: We produced more than 96,000 words of SEO content
  • Top Rankings on Primary Nice Keywords: We helped them gain top rankings on the majority of moderate to high search volume keywords in the niche.
  • How We Did This

  • Starting from in-depth keyword research, we helped them discover topics that were often searched by the target users in the target niches.
  • Analyzed their competition and defined a competitive SEO strategy to produce better content and outrank them.
  • Audited and optimized their existing content
  • Continuously tracked and optimized their Money Pages for improved rankings
  • Produced over 12,000 words of high-quality SEO content each month
  • Continuously tracked their search engine rankings, to the point where no underperforming page remained.
  • Results with Idea Catalyst

    Within a highly competitive UK based market of IT/Tech, we were able to generate the organic traffic by 1,300% starting from the 1,000 monthly visitors, within a period of less than 08 months


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