Case Study

Our work had brought to us. When we looked at the analytics of the website, it had negligible traffic. The website was spending all its marketing budget on TV advertisements and other stereotyped mediums that proved inefficient in generating online traffic.
Defense Tax Group is a Tax Debt Relied Advocate firm. The firm specializes in settling tax debt, preventing and ending wage garnishments, eliminating bank levies and property seizures.

Before discovering the benefits of SEO using Chlorophyll, Defense Tax allocated all their budget to TV and print ad campaigns which work turning out to be a little too expensive and gave little information on how the campaign was working.
The results were overwhelmingly high. This was a surprise for the client, a website that a few days back had no traffic, escalated up to a level that even the professionals visited the website for references and resources month.

The Approach

When we started working on the website there were 15 pages on the website that included profiles of the team members and the services they offered and they did have a blog section with about 35 posts.
The website received under 300 visitors a month, most of which were branded searches. The website had a few backlinks mostly from lawyer directories and a few backlinks from conference websites where the client had spoken.
Starting with the basics
In any competitive space, like IRS Tax attorney, you compete with Tax attorneys from all across the country. Getting Top Rankings couldn’t get any more difficult. We started right at the basics by doing a detailed website audit and fixing every large or small issue we could find with the website, whether it was missing alt tags or missing title tags we fixed everything on the website. This led to search engines get a better understanding of the content and them.
Content Marketing
At the begging of the campaign, we went straight to the drawing board with an understanding that we will need to represent the target customer journey in our content marketing strategy. What key questions do customers have in mind and where do they look to find solutions to their problems.
We created new pages on the website talking about relevant topics like wage garnishment, How to get an offer in compromise. The content we created was understandably unique and presented with infographics and images, in an attempt to make it easier for the customers to understand their problems and solutions with a lot of real-world examples to exemplify our expertise in the same, which allowed for a higher conversion rate and trust.
Not only did we create content around IRS Tax Debt problems, but we also created more generalized content and infographics, that worked as link magnets, shooting up the backlink count and domain authority of the website. This further helped in getting all pages to rank higher on improved DA and trust in the website.
At Chlorophyll, we lay a lot of emphasis on creating backlinks. High Quality, hard to build, editor-approved, highly useful backlinks. It’s never that easy to build in a competitive space like this. We focused on creating assets on the website that worked as link magnets, building and leveraging industry relations and consistency that led us to get 1,250 links. Of these 1,250 links that link to the website, only 421 were built and earned with an effort, the rest of the backlinks came on their own, owing to the high quality of content.

Results with Chlorophyll

Within a highly competitive LA based market of Law Firms and Attorneys, we were able to generate more than 12,000 unique traffic starting from the scratch, within a period of less than 8 months


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